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About this Fast & Furious build-up model

Build an exact scale replica of the legendary Fast & Furious Dodge Charger R/T, a car so powerful that even Dominic Toretto was afraid to drive it. Relive the energy of the Fast & Furious saga and feel like part of the family with this incredible, easy-to-assemble model project. Made from metal and injection-molded plastic, this model has exceptional details and quality!

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In addition to the magazines, you will have access to video tutorials for each stage. Watch the first video here.

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The Dodge Charger R/T model is complete in 110 assembly stages (parts to build and magazines).


The 1st assembly stage is only $4.95. The 2nd and 3rd assembly stages are free.


The 1st package of both offers contains 2 assembly stages. The regular packages of the Standard offer contain 4 assembly stages, whereas the regular packages of the Fast Track offer contain 10 assembly stages.


Subscribers to our Fast Track offer will therefore complete their subscription in only 12 months and also enjoy a 10% discount on the full issue price ($14.95). Don't miss the chance to enjoy this special offer!


Shipping & Handling on your 1st package is completely free! From the second package onwards, the S&H cost per issue is $2.40 for the Standard offer and $1.50 for the Fast Track offer. The Publisher reserves the right to modify the price of the issues in the event of significant increase in sourcing and production costs, transport costs, postage rates and tax inflation increasing. 


You will also receive fantastic gifts throughout your subscription.

The assembly process as well as the content of the magazines have been created by engineers and experts, so that both beginners and expert model makers can enjoy the experience.

To assemble, you only need the screwdriver provided in package 1.

It is very easy. You can go to our forum to either post your question that experts can answer, or you can consult detailed build diaries of your model. Our forum is also a great place to meet and chat with other modelers.


If you think you still need help, you can always contact our Customer Service team for more information to help build your model.